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Liveaboards in Indonesia

Diving Indonesia - Liveaboards to Komodo and Raja Ampat

Indonesia is a huge and varied country above and below water. Within it's borders, Indonesia boasts more than 15,000 islands, most of them uninhabited, and many barely explored. The vast expanses of island dotted tropical ocean are opening up to regular liveaboard trips. At Komodo Liveaboards, we have investigated number of liveaboard options in Indonesia ranging from short diving and sailing trips around Komodo to full blown adventure cruises around the islands of Raja Ampat. The best season for Komodo is May to October. The season in Raja Ampat is November to March.

The excellent Mermaid 1 and Mermaid 2 liveaboards, which used to cruise in Thailand and Burma during the Andaman Sea high season (November - April) and head to Bali from June - October, are now based permanently in Indonesia offering trips in Komodo and Raja Ampat. Other boats such as Moana and Mona Lisa stay in Komodo year round. The Raja Manta liveaboard headed from Thailand to Komodo and Raja Ampat in 2016 and is now permanently based in Indonesia also doing trips in Raja Ampat and Komodo. The new luxury Blue Manta started trips in late 2015.

If you can't find the right boat here, please contact us and tell us what you are looking for. This will save you a lot of time surfing the vast oceans of the world wide web! As one of Asia's top independent liveaboard specialists, we can help you find the right liveaboard to suit your needs. No time to search? Just send us a quick enquiry...

Diving in Indonesia - Liveaboards and Cruises

Raja Manta
Raja Manta
Top quality steel hull liveaboard operating in Thailand since 2011. Relocated to Indonesia in 2016. Maximum 20 guests with en suite double/twin cabins. Sangalaki and Raja Ampat cruises.

Raja Manta schedule & prices 2019 - 2020

Raja Manta - Full Boat Information

La Galigo
La Galigo
New top class, beautfully crafted sailing boat. Only 14 guests diving in comfort. Trips year round in Komodo and Raja Ampat.

La Galigo schedule & prices 2019 - 2020

La Galigo - Full Boat Information

Blue Manta
Blue Manta
New luxury liveaboard, trips started end of 2015. One of the largest liveaboards in Asia, but a maximum of just 18 guests with en suite double/twin/single cabins. Komodo and Raja Ampat cruises and more.

Blue Manta schedule & prices 2019 - 2020

Blue Manta - Full Boat Information

Komodo Liveaboards Mermaid 1
Mermaid 1
A luxury liveaboard with top service and superb cabins. Only 15 guests on a huge, comfortable boat. Trips run year round in Komodo and Raja Ampat.

Mermaid 1 schedule & prices 2019 - 2020

Mermaid 1 - Full Boat Information

Komodo Liveaboards Mermaid 2
Mermaid 2
Very big and comfortable steel hulled liveaboard. Maximum 18 divers in twin/double cabins, private bathrooms. Bali-Komodo cruises and trips to Raja Ampat.

Mermaid 2 schedule & prices 2019 - 2020

Mermaid 2 - Full Boat Information

Komodo Liveaboards Moana Dive Cruises
Moana Dive Cruises
Moana is a traditional yacht built in 2004. Maximum 10 divers. Ideal for charters. Trips around Komodo National Park.

Moana schedule & prices 2019 - 2020

Moana - Full Boat Information

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